Ignite Sparks is the City of Sparks initiative designed to involve the City’s residents in areas of growth, economic vitality and quality of life through the year 2030. The City of Sparks brought Grind Creative on board to design a website to help promote the initiative, roll out the survey phase and maintain community contact. After discussing the needs, it became apparent a logo to ‘brand’ the initiative would go a long way in creating recognition among City of Sparks residents.

In reviewing the photography submitted for the website, we could see that the City of Sparks was using three very different logo concepts on city signage and documents. We decided to maintain the color palette and modern, sans serif aesthetic of the most recent rebranding to help bring continuity to the City’s brand as well as help the citizens of Sparks identify the campaign as a city initiative.

We maintained the color palette of the most recent rebrand, and created variants with and without fun and friendly illustrative elements of homes, office buildings and landscaping.

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