Wise Withes

We have such a special treat currently on display at the Sierra Arts Foundation Gallery. Franz Szony, a Reno native and the artist behind this years twentieth anniversary Artown poster, is displaying current works in his Wise Witches exhibition. These gorgeous photographs blend myth, magic and beautiful human anatomy into gorgeous and complex works of art. Franz strives to personify a message or a them in his photographs. In his Artown poster he depicts his interpretation of the mythological Goddess Mnemosyne and her nine daughters, known as the muses. Mnemosyne is a Titan goddess whose name translates to “memory personified” and her daughters gave inspiration to the creators of the arts. In essence, she is the “mother of the arts.” 


What a beautiful tribute to this momentous Artown Anniversary!

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Make sure you stop in the gallery and see these pieces before they go away on July 31st. If you’re interested in attending the closing Artist’s Reception on July 31st, 2015 please visit the Sierra Arts website for more information. They have limited edition signed prints of the Artown poster available for purchase and we hope to see you soon!

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