Beautiful Work & A Brand to Match

When TRC Homes met with Grind Creative to design their new website they were an established Northern Nevada custom home builder with a portfolio of beautiful work.

When they sent us their logo files in anticipation of the web development, we realized that their brand didn’t reflect the same level of quality and professionalism of the work they delivered to their clients. A new website launch is a great opportunity to simultaneously launch a brand refresh, so we started by reworking TRC’s old logo to a simplified, modern and more legible upgrade from their old one.

Before & After

TRC Homes’ previous logo featured a thin weight typeface, with the ‘homes’ portion tightly kerned. This dramatically reduced legibility of the logo at small sizes.

Grind Creative retained the color palette from their original brand, but made the alignment of the gold and black evenly spaced between the T and R. The two-piece R and the addition of angles to the background behind TRC bring in subtle construction elements without being overly literal. The TRC is much more prominent and modern, in addition to a more open kerning to the ‘homes’, resulting in a highly legible logo, even at reduced sizes.

Unique Collateral

TRC Homes builds custom high end homes that capture your dream space down to the finest detail. To translate that superb quality and service to their business cards, Grind Creative went with a black metal business card.

Impactful Brochure

The next piece of collateral created to showcase TRC Homes’ body of work to potential clients and developers was a twelve page booklet.

The booklet displays large photographs of TRC Homes’ previous builds, as well as details the various levels of service they provide for their clients investment. Having a physical piece to accompany their website has been beneficial to improve consultations and sales.

Sophisticated Web Presence

And finally, the reason TRC Homes began working with Grind Creative, their new website. The custom landing video conveys TRC’s involvement in the project, from planning to execution, to ensure their clients get the dream home they’ve always wanted.

Case studies and testimonials are featured throughout in addition to pages detailing what their family owned company is all about, and how their custom home building process differs from the competition. We’ve created a clean, simple and modern site that is easy to navigate and matches their upgraded brand to truly showcase the quality and value they bring to their clients.


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