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When Realm Constructors met with Grind Creative they already had several exceptionally beautiful residential and commercial design projects in their portfolio.

They sought Grind Creative to bring the same quality and professionalism of their work to their branding, logo and website designs. Grind Creative took Realm Constructors to the next level with a vibrant and sophisticated design that aligned with the Principal’s vision for Realm Constructors.

From Conception to Delivery

Realm Constructors pride themselves on their comprehensive understanding of the construction design process from conception to delivery of the final product.

Grind Creative brought that energy to life through their logo and branding. A vibrant red is utilized in the main logo design to portray their strength, leadership and passion. We balanced that with the blue to hold true to the industry and portray the wisdom and trust Realm Constructors clients experience when working with them.

The technical line work is an ode to Realm Constructor’s unique custom residential and commercial building design. Grind Creative uses the technical line work throughout Realm Constructors collateral, reinforcing the custom aspect of the company as well as creating brand recognition among all the pieces of the system.

The Value of Principal Participation

Realm Constructor’s is unique in the custom building industry in that the Principal is involved in every project, at every stage of construction. The enhanced service ensures clients receive a superior product.

Grind Creative designed a custom graph note pad to compliment the stationary suite. Realm Constructor’s employees can sketch and articulate their ideas and designs, leaving clients with a professional and well branded impression of their project’s vision.

Web Presence

The next step to the Realm Constructors brand launch was the development of their web presence. Previously operating their business without a website, it offered Grind Creative the opportunity to design the experience they wanted from the ground up.

Grind Creative took the opportunity to tell Realm Constructors story and unique approach within the custom building industry as well as showcase their beautiful portfolio of client projects.

The design is responsive to cater to users of all devices and includes a custom password authenticated client portal. The website not only functions as a portfolio and sales asset, but also to remain in close contact with their clientele throughout their building process.

Partners in Grind

From planning to process to execution careful attention has been paid to the creation of the Realm Constructors brand. As they continue to innovate and lead on the development and building of many exciting projects throughout our community and nationally we are there to help them scale the brand in ways that retain their companies core values.


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