A Dream Many Years in the Making

A lifelong passion for music brought Breanna Fisher and Stephen (DJ Eyeque 1.0) Rivera together to collaborate and create Quedup Entertainment. In order to make their dream a reality, they contacted Grind Creative to create the memorable and professional logo and brand that would propel them in the DJ industry.

A Well Executed Concept

A quick Google search of DJ logos and you’ll find the usage of records, and records as Q’s, is nothing new. However, the execution in many of these iterations is… lacking. Queudup Ent. knew they did not want some stock looking graphic as their icon. After some good brainstorming and research Grind Creative was able to deliver a concept that is unique in it’s illustrative representation, complete with custom lettering and details inspired by the DJ equipment itself.

A Reoccuring Theme

Business cards. We all got ’em. How do you make yours stand out? When designing Quedup Ent. business cards, Grind Creative decided to bring in even more of the record vibe by creating them to resemble a record in the sleeve.

It’s in the Details

In addition to the custom die cut of the record, a spot UV was applied to the record portion of the business card, in concentric rings. This mimics the logo, as well as provides realistic ridges that you can feel when holding the card.

The Next Step

Following the creation of their brand and printed materials, Grind Creative brought the Quedup Ent. brand to the web. Inspired here by the DJ equipment as well, we designed the navigation to mimic actual buttons on equipment. Queudupent.com is the place Quedup Ent. can book clients, share their music and document all the accomplishments the company makes as it grows and expands. And that record? It makes a reappearance on the website as a custom animated contact form.


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